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VargWomen's Göteborg Rainjacket

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Varg Women's Göteborg Rainjacket on sadetakki vapaa-ajan harrastuksiin. Sopii naisille. Wet and snowy outside? Varg waterproof jackets are made in high quality fabrics that will keep you dry and comfortable, seams are taped and fabric consist of several layers.

Fabrics and isolation in this product will keep you warm in windy conditions. When the wind blow the cooling effect is significantly higher compared to calm weather, so have a look outside before deciding what to wear.

Weight: 1,7kg
Details;Reflective prints, 2 way  YKK front zip. Woven Varg tape inside front placket at hanging loop.Waterproof pockets. Decorative Varg hood drawstring with cork toggles. Adjustable cuffs.Fabric:PVC 0.42mm, which complies with EU environmental regulations.
A mix between the rugged sporty and the clear Nordic idiom makes VARG unique. Varg's Clothing is made ​​with love for Nordic design, nature and fine details. The clothing works year-round on weekdays and to play sports in. VARG work with quality fabrics and fabrics that are made from recycled fiber.

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