TravellunchDouble Meat meals 6x250 gram

    Double Meat meals 6x250 gram - ID: LM771095TRL

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    Travellunch Double Meat meals 6x250 gram on ruoka . Sopii kaikille.

    Travellunch Dubbel Fläskpaket 6x250 includes 6 double portions of meals with meat.

    2 x Beef, Noodles and Mushrooms 250 g
    Ingredients: noodles (durum wheat semolina, egg albumen, salt), gravy powder, beef (8%), hydrogenated vegetable fat, roast onions, butter powder, potato starch, whey product, tomato powder, cream powder, salt, mushrooms, herbs, natural flavouring, spices.

    Nutrition value/ 100 g Dry:
    1799 KJ/428 kcal
    18,3 g protein
    18,5 g fat
    47,3 g carbohydrates

    2 x Spaghetti Bolognese with Beef 250 g
    Ingredients: noodles (durum wheat semolina egg albumen, salt), tomato powder, beef (9%), gravy powder, potato starch, hydrogenated vegetable fat, onions, salt, maltodextrin, natural flavouring, whey product, herbs, spices, spice extracts.

    Nutrition value/ 100 g Dry:
    1517 KJ/359 kcal
    14,5 g protein
    9,3 g fat
    54,5 g carbohydrates

    2 x Pasta with Beef and Pepper Sauce 250 g
    Ingredients: pasta 51 % (wheat semolina, egg protein, salt), palm fat, modified starch, beef 7 %, maltodextrin, salt, toasted onions 1,7 % (onions 76 %, palm fat, wheat flour), bell pepper 1 %, tomato powder, onions, rice flour, sugar, yeast extract, caramel syrup, sunflower oil, herbs, spices, flavouring.

    Nutrition value/ 100 g Dry:
    1769 KJ/421 kcal
    12 g protein
    15 g fat
    57 g carbohydrates

    It started with the challenge to make food that is easy to pack and that will last long even during long expeditions. Fact is many expeditions failed because of lack of adequate food. Travellunch started developing freezedried food of high quality with maintained taste and of high quality being both packable free of preservativs and bacteriologically safe. The bags are extremely light weight with around 17 grams per bag.

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