Mukluk 16" Waterproof Boot - ID: A044373

TimberlandMukluk 16" Waterproof Boot

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Timberland Mukluk 16" Waterproof Boot ovat lämminvuorilliset nilkkurit . Sopii naisille.
Ominaisuudet Mukluk 16" Waterproof Boot:
Ulkopohja: Kumi
Vuori: Synteettinen
Varsipituus: 42 cm
Pintamateriaali: Nahka
Kalvo: Other
Timberland's founder Nathan Swartz began his career as an apprentice at a small shoe store. From here, he worked up and together with his sons they began the manufacture of quality shoes. They introduced the world's first waterproof leather boot in 1960, Timberland's famous Yellow Boot. Timberland is now the world's fourth largest shoe producer, they profile themselves mainly with footwear and clothing for outdoor activities to suit both extreme sports and the urban leisure man.

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