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Tenson Men's Nidingen on sadetakki . Sopii miehille.
  • Material: 100% Polyurethane
  • Pre-bent sleeves
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Fixed hood
  • Ventilation under the arms
  • Welded seams
Tensonin perusti vuonna 1951 Paul Rydholm Varbergissa Ruotsissa. Tensonin johtotähtenä on alusta alkaen ollut se, että yhtiön vaatteiden käyttäjän tulee voida nauttia kokemuksistaan tuulen ja tuiskeen estämättä. Ruotsissa Tenson tunnetaan lähinnä takeistaan. Suosion takaa niiden istuvuus ja laatu. Viime vuosina erityisesti naisten takit ovat menestyneet erittäin hyvin.

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  • Ympäristö ja eettisyys

    Enjoying nature, in a responsible way.
    Since Tenson was founded in 1951, the outdoors has been our playground. The love for nature
    and for a free way of living has influenced our actions in every step, from design to the choice of fabrics, factories and partners. We are aware that clothes and gear for skiing, training or everyday fashion have an impact on the environment. The task is
    to find a balance between function, quality, the demands of our customers and a sustainable way of production.
    Long lasting apparel is a combination of high quality fabrics and a design that endures the
    test of time. Our work for more sustainable clothes begins with the drawings at the design table and carries on in our “a way of living” philosophy and how we communicate our core values to the Tenson customer.
    To achieve that, we work on different levels. Tenson’s quality requirements are high. We
    believe that apparel that last are a good way to reduce the carbon footprint and minimize consumption. Therefore we perform testing of fabrics and garments using test laboratories such as SGS, ITS and SWEREA. In addition to this we perform in-house testing
    at Tenson and the factories. Conducting such a broad number of testing demands time and resources, but pays off in a long term perspective regarding quality and more sustainable clothes and gear.
    To minimize our carbon footprint we have adapted a policy that states the use of train and
    boat for all our cargo as the primal way of transport. At every level of the production chain, we encourage our partners to do the same.
    Fair working conditions and CSR

    To ensure a fair production line we at Tenson believe in a close relationship with our factories. We work according to the BSCI code of conduct and
    visit the factories on a regular basis to ensure that they act according to this code. The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a leading business-driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in factories worldwide.
    Tenson encourages all factories working with us to sign up as members of BSCI.
    Regulating the use of chemicals

    Tenson is also an active member of the Textile Importers Association, an industry organization that fights for freedom and sustainable trade. They
    work together with SWEREA, and has developed a chemical guide which follows the EU's chemical legislation REACH, which stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH requirements imply that we must make sure that no
    forbidden chemicals substances are used in our clothes.
    Choosing materials and DWR

    An important part of our sustainable policy is the selection of materials and water resistant coatings we use in our apparel. A DWR (durable water
    treatment is an extremely thin coating of the individual fibres of the fabric which renders water to form beads and roll off. This treatment prevents or delays the penetration of water into the fabric.
    The most common DWR-coating known as C8 uses fluorocarbons typed PFOA and PFOS that are proven
    to have a big impact on the environment. At Tenson, we have chosen to avoid all used of C8. Instead we use two variants of the DWR (durable water repellency). One is fluorocarbon-based (also called C6) but contains neither PFOA nor PFOS. This is a more eco-friendly
    alternative than C8. The second DWR-treatment is completely free from fluorocarbons. Research is being done to develop effective and useful fluorocarbon free treatments. We offer today several garments that are completely free from fluorocarbons and our ambition
    is to increase the number of fluorocarbon free items in our coming collections starting with the Winter 2018 collection.
    Caring about animal life

    The outdoor life is not only about mountains and fresh air. We care about animal life and are committed to use quality materials also in that concern.
    All down used in our garments originates from no living animals, they derivate from the food industry and origins from producers who ensure a responsible breeding with no forced feeding . Our Merino wool is from farms in New Zeeland which are guaranteed mulesing
    free and have an environmental friendly and sustainable wool production. The leather on the details origins from Italian farms and are residues from the food industry as well. We use only synthetic fur in our garments.
    Paying attention to details

    We also care about the details and try to reduce our carbon foot print even there. The Tenson hang tags are made of recycled paper and all our metallic
    buttons are Oeko-Tex certified and free of led.
    Tenson, a responsible way of living since 1951.
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