SpeedoPlain Moulded Silicon Cap

    Plain Moulded Silicon Cap - ID: A031547

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    Speedo Plain Moulded Silicon Cap on asuste . Sopii kaikille.

    - Plain Moulded Silicon Cap - Speedos 100% silicone cap is ideal for regular swimmers.
    - Ergonomic design - offers improved comfort and fit.
    - Hydrodynamic - the cap helps create a smooth profile in the water

    Material: 100% Silicone

    Speedo is the world-leading swimwear, bathing clothes and equipment manufacturer, with products for adults and children, casual swimmers and elite swimmers. Speedo focuses on high quality and functional materials. Their vision is to inspire you to swim, motivate you to reach your goals, help you improve your technique, train hard, swim fast and - most of all - enjoy your swim!

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