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ShredHalf Brain Shrasta

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Shred Half Brain Shrasta on kypärä lasketteluun. Sopii kaikille.
Ominaisuudet Half Brain Shrasta:
Sukupuoli: Unisex
Rotation protection: Ei
Kiinnitys laskettelulaseille: Kyllä
Säädettävä: Kyllä
Paino: 487 g
In the fall of 2006 they creators of the brand Slytech debuted their new brand Shred Optics. The plan was to develop products that looked as good as they performed—and not just on the race course, but also in the park and backcountry. With hustle and grit, they worked to further refine their vision for Shred and Slytech. They didn’t have a business plan, but we had plenty of ambition. Today, they have a few more products to their name, but their commitment to innovation is stronger than ever. Whether developing helmets, back protectors, sunglasses, or goggles, they're pioneering fresh technology and emerging as a market leader—while proudly maintaining their status as underdogs. By blending performance and style, Slytech and Shred help you have fun, stay safe, and push your limits.

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