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    Nitro Ripper Kids ovat laskettelumonot . Sopii kaikille. To Ripper Kids Nitro recommends the  binding:
    • Charger Micro XS for 86, 96, 106
    • Charger Mini for S 121
    Size 86

    Size 96
    - Sidecut: 6.6m
    - Length: 96cm
    - Running length: 600mm
    - Waist width: 205mm
    - Rider weight: -30 kg

    Size 106
    - Sidecut: 6.7m
    - Length: 106cm
    - Running length:  700mm
    - Waist width: 210mm
    - Rider weight: -35 kg

    Size 121
    - Sidecut: 6.9m
    - Length: 121cm
    - Running length:  850mm
    - Waist width: 216mm
    - Rider weight: 20-40 kg

    • Flex: Soft ride 1/10
    • Shape: Twin
    • Camber: Flat-out
    • Powercore
    • Bi-lite laminates
    • Premium extruded FH base

    Nitro was founded in 1990 and is today one of Europe's largest snowboard brands. It is owned and operated by people who are really passionate about snowboarding. Even at an early stage, Nitro has proven to be very innovative and were really groundbreaking when they created twintip and female pro model. Today, Nitro delivers everything from hardware, boardbags, backpacks and outerwear.

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    Sinun täytyy käyttää julkista profiilia voidaksesi hyödyntää kaikki sivuston ominaisuudet. Lähellä!

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