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Nitro Magnum ovat laskettelumonot . Sopii kaikille. To Magnum Nitro recommends the Team binding in size L.

Size 163
- Sidecut: 7.0/4.1m
- Length: 163cm
- Running length: 1120mm
- Waist width: 270mm
- Recommended rider weight: 75+kg

Storlek 167
- Sidecut: : 7.5/4.8m
- Length: 167cm
- Running length: 1150mm
- Waist width: 272mm
- Recommended rider weight: 75+kg

  • Cam-out camber
  • Sintered speed formula HD base: Utilizing a new base material compound, higher abrasion resistance, increased wax absoprtion and high on-snow speeds has been achieved.
  • Power pods: Overlaying a tighter sidecut radius in the center of the board with a larger one
    towards tip and tail is creating our exclusive POWERPODS which have two amazing effects: On one hand, there is extended board width under the bindings, resulting in additional edge control, especially on hard and icy surfaces as well as simply less toe and heel drag for larger boots and flatter stance angles. POWERPODS make the board super reactive and fast turning once it’s put on edge – while keeping it easy to control if ridden with less dynamics.
  • Powerlite xore: The highest grade of ultra lightweight poplar wood in the Powerlite core makes for the perfect ride with lots of pop and unmatched strength at a minimum weight
  • Reflex core profile

Nitro was founded in 1990 and is today one of Europe's largest snowboard brands. It is owned and operated by people who are really passionate about snowboarding. Even at an early stage, Nitro has proven to be very innovative and were really groundbreaking when they created twintip and female pro model. Today, Nitro delivers everything from hardware, boardbags, backpacks and outerwear.

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