Windpro V2 Stove - ID: A047685

MSRWindpro V2 Stove

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MSR Windpro V2 Stove on retkikeitin . Sopii kaikille.
Easy to use and stable kitchen with support for larger pots

The burner is extra wide and the the flame is easy adjustable from a steady simmer to full boil. A 12 inch long fuel line attaches the burner to the canister
Small dimensions packed and fits into a 1-liter pot. 
Specifications for MSR Windpro 
  • Dimensions: 110x90x70mm (packmått)
  • Windshield, heat reflector and stove
  • Weight: 194 g
MSR (Mountain Safety Research) offer outdoor gear, such as tents and kitchens at the highest level of safety and quality. The stuff is ideal for you who want the best and most reliable gear available.

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