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Leaf Siljan ovat lämminvuorilliset nilkkurit vapaa-ajan harrastuksiin. Sopii lapsille.
Leaf is a Swedish company that has combined function and design in footwear for more than 50 years. Leafs inspiration comes from everything that's fun and the shoes reflects an active lifestyle. They’re made to kick open doors for embarking on school trips with unexpected rain fall, spontaneous playing outside, snowball fights on the way home as well as being a given success on the disco dance floor. Therefore, Leaf stands for ANTI-BOREDOM FOOTWEAR. Great foot wear for kids and teenagers in any kind of weather. The autumn and winter models marked with an ITC label are 100 % waterproof. They are designed with three optimized layers, tested and quality assured to handle at least 15,000 steps in wet conditions. The inner layer consists of a comfortable lining adapted to the season to keep your feet warm and dry. As Leaf do everything themselves, from design to production, they can always assure shoes of high quality and modern design for a great price.

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