Suction Cup & Gorillapod Arm - ID: A024299


JobySuction Cup & Gorillapod Arm

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Joby Suction Cup & Gorillapod Arm on elektroniikkatarvike valokuvaukseen. Sopii kaikille.
  • Detachable Gorillapod arm is very movable
  • Strong suction cup
  • Quick-twist lock for easy and fast set-up of the camera
  • Connection point 1/4"-20 standard tripod mount allows you to switch the Gorillapod arm to another tripod
  • Weight 110 g
  • Material ABS plastic, TPE
Joby revolutionized the photo market in 2006 by introducing the Gorillapod, a new and very flexible tripod. First with one model, but now with a lot of models in different sizes to fit almost every need. Try one and you will always want to have one with you.

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