HydroflaskWide Mouth Flex 532ml

    Wide Mouth Flex 532ml - ID: A029156

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    Hydroflask Wide Mouth Flex 532ml on pullo . Sopii kaikille.
    Ominaisuudet Wide Mouth Flex 532ml:
    Bpa-vapaa: Kyllä
    Eristetty: Kyllä
    Yhden käden avaus: Ei
    Paino: 329 g
    Sisäpuoli ruostumaton teräs: Kyllä
    Ulkopuoli ruostumaton teräs: Kyllä
    Tilavuus: 532 ml
    Hydroflask will keep water icy cold on a hot sunny beach. And serve up a hot coffee on the chairlift ride. Hydroflask will sit patiently by your camp chair with frosty cold beer while you gather wood for the fire. Or keep you hydrated on a hike: ice, water, go. And five hours later, after driving to the trailhead and climbing 2,000 feet, you’ll still have ice and water while you enjoy the view. Hydroflask will bring you hot tea on misty riverside mornings when the steelhead are running, hot cocoa to coax your kids along a snowy trail, and a refreshing sip of “all-about-you” during Saturday afternoon yoga. Hydroflask is not just along for the ride. It is along to help make the ride awesome.

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