Lynx Pro 19 mm - ID: A080978

HIK MicroLynx Pro 19 mm

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HIK Micro - Lynx Pro 19 mm

HIK Micro Lynx Pro 19 mm on kiikari metsästykseen.
Tuotteen Lynx Pro 19 mm ominaisuuksia:
Objektiivin halkaisija: 19 mm
Paino: 310 g
HIKMICRO is a leading provider of thermal imaging equipment and solutions. Specializing in SoC and MEMS design, development, and manufacturing, the company offers thermal detectors, cores, modules, cameras and total solutions to the global market, serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions. HIKMICRO places a high value on research and development, empowering its continual progress in thermal technology. The company earned ISO9001 certification in 2018, demonstrating its quality-first philosophy from the very start. Through continuous innovation, HIKMICRO’s products and solutions constantly meet the diverse needs of individual, commercial, industrial, and utility customers around the world. HIKMICRO will continue to provide professional software and hardware products for its expanding list of business partners, working together to build a safer, smarter, and more efficient world.

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