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    D3 OTG - ID: A033270

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    Ominaisuudet D3 OTG:
    Fotokromaattinen linssi: Ei
    Vaihtolinssi sisältyy: Ei
    Luokka (EN 1938): 2
    Valonläpäisy: 20 %
    Polarisoivat: Ei
    Huurtumisen esto: Kyllä
    Koko: Aikuinen
    Dragon offers sunglasses and goggles for everyone who likes to hang out outdoors. The brand is characterized by good quality, exciting innovations and stylish, young design. Dragon were first ont the market with goggles without any frame for optimal view. They offer a variety of sunglasses that floats and has developed goggles where you can change the lens without having to take off either gloves or goggles.

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