Women's Nosilife Clara Pant - ID: A054207

CraghoppersWomen's Nosilife Clara Pant

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Craghoppers Women's Nosilife Clara Pant ovat housut . Sopii naisille.
Ominaisuudet Women's Nosilife Clara Pant:
Päämateriaali: Polyamidi
Zip-off: Ei
Taskujen määrä: 5 kpl
Stretch: Kyllä
Vahvistukset: Ei
Back in 1965 Craghoppers hit upon the idea of turning a passion for travel into a bona fide business. Craghoppers is now recognised as a global outdoor and adventure travel specialist.The world may have moved on over the last 50 years but their mission today is the same as it was all those decades ago – to create comfortable and practical clothing ranges to help customers stay on the trail as long as possible. And every year, they get that little bit better. They are now the world leader in outdoor and adventure trousers and one of their greatest successes is NosiLife – a complete lightweight adventure collection that provides permanent and safe protection against biting insects and the diseases they transmit.

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