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CatMen's Deplete Waterproof Boot

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Cat Men's Deplete Waterproof Boot ovat vuorittomat nilkkurit vapaa-ajan harrastuksiin. Sopii miehille.
Ominaisuudet Men's Deplete Waterproof Boot :
Ulkopohja: Kumi
Vuori: Synteettinen
Pintamateriaali: Nahka
Kalvo: Other
Cat or Caterpillar is a company that was formed in 1925 when C.L Best Tractor Co. merged with The Holt Manufacturing Company. Since then they have become known as the leader in high quality work shoes. But even though they've created work shoes and workwear that are made to handle harsh conditions and last for a long time, the company eventually branched out and started creating urban footwear. The focus on shoes has proven to be one of the most successful and innovative brand building extensions in company history. The shoe collection has expanded from being a brand that only produced work shoes in the beginning to design and produce a variety of models. The shoes are designed to reduce tired feet and increase performance throughout the day.

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