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CasallGlorious Sports Bra

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Casall Glorious Sports Bra on alusvaate maastopyöräilyyn. Sopii naisille. Fabric: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane.
Ominaisuudet Glorious Sports Bra:
Pestään lämpötilassa: 40 °C
Materiaalin paino: 210 g/m2
Materiaali: Synteettinen
Casall was founded in 1980 by Carl-Axel Surtevall who started his own Training equipment company, straight out of university. In1982 Carl-Axel Surtevall opened one of the first fitness centres for women only. At the same time he started to develop training wear for the instructors. 1984 Casall launched the first sports fashion collection for women. Right from the start, the mission was to combine style and quality with a lot of passion and a sensual touch. Today, Casall is a leading Swedish premium brand in the Training industry, known for creating innovative, high-end Wear, Tool and Pro products.

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